Saturday, November 11, 2006

Catching the Chhom Nimol fever

Okay, so I'm lagging well behind all the regular news media, etc in highlighting the band Dengue Fever, but I'll do it anyway. Fronted by the gorgeous Chhom Nimol, the band play a unique fusion of 60's psychedelic pop rock with Nimol (pictured) singing in her native Cambodian language and to be honest they're taking the international music market by storm. In my simple mind, not dissimilar to the way the B-52's caught on a few years ago. Nimol was plucked from a Long Beach nightclub to join the all American band and two albums later, Dengue Fever and last year's Escape from Dragon House (the name of Nimol's nightclub) have gone down particularly well. They were also featured on the soundtrack to the Matt Dillon film, City of Ghosts. At the back end of 2005, the band paid a visit to Cambodia and will be featured on the forthcoming film, Don't Think I've Forgotten. To find out more about this emerging phenomena, click here.


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