Sunday, June 11, 2006

Books on Cambodia

A fair portion of my Blog to-date has been about books with a Cambodia bias and their authors and yet I've failed miserably to champion my very own Hot Off The Press webpage, which I keep updated with news of recent or forthcoming books of all shapes and sizes, topics and tales. Please pay it a visit and let me know by e-mail, if you're aware of new publications that I've failed to mention.

Closely linked to Hot Off The Press is my Book Reviews webpage, where I've posted my own personal reviews of a series of recent publications. We've been blessed by an increasing number of Cambodia-related books in the last few years and the flow shows no sign of stopping. Long may it continue. And if you are a publisher or author and you want me to review your book, let me know.

Whilst I'm on-line, let me quickly mention a forthcoming memoir, called Journey Into Light by Ronnie Yimsut. A Khmer version will hit bookshelves first, probably in July, with DC-Cam in Phnom Penh as the publishers as part of the work they are doing to document and publicise the history of the Khmer Rouge regime. DC-Cam have already translated both books by Loung Ung as well as David Chandler's Voices from S-21 and Elizabeth Becker's When The War Was Over. The English version of Journey Into Light will appear once a publisher has been agreed. Ronnie (pictured), a survivor of the KR period, now lives in Oregon and is a landscape architect. Some of his stories can already be found on the internet and in the book, Children of Cambodia's Killing Fields, compiled by Dith Pran.


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